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Custom Android for Tolino
- **RelaunchX** AppLauncher & Filebrowser für Tolino aus F-Droid
- **F-Droid** Packetmanager
- **E-Ink App in SignalK**
### Custom App instalieren - long story short
long story:
**short story - (In my case the regular update keept the fastboot possibility, that's the reasion for this shortcut! Try it! If you loose loose fastboot possibility you can downgrade via the build in stock recovery and it's factory reset!)**
- Download for your device from [mytolino](
- Copy on tolino as mass storrage to root
- reboot tolino will resault fw update
Making Custom Boot Image with ADB enabled
mkdir custom_boot_image
cd custom_boot_image
unzip ../
mv boot.img boot.img.orig
abootimg -x boot.img.orig
mv initrd.img initrd.img.orig
mkdir initrd
cd initrd
zcat ../initrd.img.orig | cpio -vid
Auch hier wieder in der Datei default.prop "", "ro.debuggable=1" und "persist.sys.usb.config=mass_storage,adb" setzen. Ansonsten muss nichts weiter angepasst werden.
find . | cpio --create --format='newc' | gzip > ../initrd_adb_enabled.img
cd ..
abootimg --create boot_adb_enabled.img -f bootimg.cfg -k zImage -r initrd_adb_enabled.img
It'l return an errormessage about unfitting filesize. Take the higher Number and convert it to hexadeicimal and insert it in the bootimg.cfg at filesize entry!!!
Now yo can temporarly(!) mount this boot image with adb via `fastboot boot`
- set Tolino to Fastboot
- Connect USB from Laptop to tolino
- turn tolino off
- keep backlight button pushed
- also push power button and keep it pushed
- check fastboot connection: `fastboot devices`
fastboot boot boot_adb_enabled.img
Tolino should boot regularly with adb enabled
check it via `adb devices`
get [F-droid.apk]( and [reLaunchX.apk](
Sideload install both via:
adb install f-droid.apk
adb install com.gacode.relaunchx.apk # filename may vary
maybe you need to restart adb as root - if you get error
adb kill-server
sudo adb start-server
- Now you can simply restart the tolino and It'l boot to stock
- Choose ReLaunchX as custom Launcher, when asked on first startup (You can move to Tolino Launcher/Menu any time by choosing it in relaunchX App Menu)
- You can install apps without actually rooting the tolino via f-droid
- You can go to ReLaunchX Applauncher and go to android settings and go to developer option to temporarly activate ADB for sideload operations...
### TWRP für Tolino via
- Tolino in den Fastoot Modus versetzen (Bei angeschlossenem USB ausschalten, Beleuchtungsknopfz
gedruckt halten,
- fastboot device #Check Fasstboot cpowerknopf zusaetzlich gedrueckt halten)
onnectivity `fastboot devices` should return a long random value
- fastboot boot twrp.img # use "boot" so you don't flash TWRP you only use it temporaly
### Tolino Recovery
Tastenkombis für alle Tolino Version für Recovery (!) nicht fastboot...
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